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    Co-living with the Earth

    The devastation caused by the global warming is derived from greed and unsatisfactory from people. It is our responsibility to resolve and improve on the situation. Tzu Chi has over 30 years of experience in environmental protection, and it has proven that by changing the living habits of people, it can alter the predicament. Tzu Chi is executing its responsibility through series of active actions and by promoting the philosophy of “Common Knowledge, Common Consensus, and Collective Action” that may reduce the catastrophe caused by the devastation of global warming.

    Today is the result of the past.

    The on-going catastrophes in every part of the world are being heard and seen, it is tremendously heart-breaking. At this time and space, life, and ecological changes have greatly affected the entire environment. Over the years, human beings have excessively consumed fossil fuel, over-cutting forests and animal husbandry, excessive consumption and rapidly replacement. These actions greatly damage the ecological environment, causing the global temperature continuously to increase. The "Greenhouse effect" exacerbated the results, leading to rapid melting of glaciers, increasing the sea level, and instigating the land to descent. The widespread use of harmful chemicals has contaminated the air and water source, etc., severely destroying the nature, and consequently, the ozone layer is destroyed. Subsequently, the climate in the four seasons became chaotic. Everything is gradually losing the balance of natural growth. All these not only cause damages to the nature, but also brought a chain effect on people from all over the world.
    Is it the "natural disasters", or "human-made disasters"? All are correlated. The earth is suffering from disasters, we are all borne by the responsibilities. As a part of the "Life Community", we need to engage and participate in actions to protect the world. Through Tzu Chi’s philosophy, “Common Knowledge” – to understand the reasons of global warming; “Common Consensus” – to compromise that we will not leave behind the natural disasters to the next generation and instead, provide a clean and healthy environment for the children; “Collective Action” - to purify the source and live a simple life.

    Excerpt and adapted from the “Co-exist with the Earth” written by Master Cheng Yen.

    Clean at Source

    We all feel heart-broken when the Earth is suffering from different disasters. Our home is destroyed while human beings are suffered. The extreme cold and hot, flooding and drought, demonstrated the imbalance of the nature. We take this opportunity sharing with you some concepts and implementations of environmental protection. Let’s join hand in hand, following the principle of Clean at Source, to collectively act for the betterhood of our city, our home, and our planet.

    7R Collaborative Environmental Actions

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      Happiness and gratitude are the powers to eliminate troubles - Master Cheng Yen

      Behind each item we own, there are people creating them with their heart, their hands and time. These items are not merely functional but are also works of art and filled with humanity. Let's make a fundamental change, respect and cherish all the things we possess with our heart and keep purity at the source.

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      Waste reduction is the most important.

      To solve the problem of waste [around the world], the goal of "reduction" can be achieved through changing our habits in our everyday life. For example, bring your own shopping bags and use fewer plastic bags can already reduce waste production.

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      Waste and garbage can be reused by recycling. By recycling and reusing the originally discarded resources, we can effectively save resources, reduce pollution and reduce costs.

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      Reduce costs and waste.

      By using environmentally friendly re-usable bowls and chopsticks instead of disposable tableware, we can help reduce the creation of waste and garbage.

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      Refuse if it is not environmentally friendly.

      Rejecting unnecessary packaging, not buying or using articles that pollute the environment is the most fundamental way to eliminate pollution.

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      Continuation of life.

      Pay attention to the maintenance of your items and prolong their service life. For example, you can inspect your damaged bicycle and replace the parts to continue its service life.

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      Adapting a simple life can reduces material desire, which in turn reduces the waste of resources.

      Before shopping, think about whether the items in front of you are what you "want", "need", or " are necessary"? Also, before throwing things away, consider whether the item is reusable or whether it is because you fancy the new item more than the old one?

      A tiny desire can already increase unimaginable burden on our planet. Let's start protecting the environment from the source and cherish our planet.