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    Services of Environmental Action Center

    • Environmental Education

      Covering a diversity of environmental topics and joining forces with Tzu Chi manpower and community resources, we provide multiform experiential education, such as special topics and thematic exhibitions and talks, group visits and promotion booths on the street.

    • Community Services

      Volunteers lead and accompany citizens with love when practicing a life of service and protecting the environment, such as organizing source separated recycling for the elderly and students.

    • Vegetarian Food and Humanities

      Various activities are organized to promote vegetarian eating and humanities, and advocate a vegetarian, natural, simple and frugal life, such as classes in vegetarian cooking, tea ceremony and flower arrangement, as well as health talk.

    Elderly Recycling Volunteers

    The Elderly Live from the Heart

    Lots of senior citizens in Hong Kong gradually shut themselves off from others due to their physical deterioration. Tzu Chi volunteers hope to entice them to break self-isolation by forging an environmentally friendly and loving community. With sincere love, the volunteers accompany the elderly and form and manage a stable and secured big family for them.

    • 1

      Organize talks and trips about environmental issues with elderly community centers.

    • 2

      Invite the elderly from neighboring housing estates and elderly centers to visit the Environmental Action Center and to enjoy delicious vegetarian food.

    • 3

      Find cases of elderly care through Tzu Chi charity work and accompany the elderly so that they can be a part of the community again.

    • 4

      Encourage elderly patients to participate in our activities through the Hong Kong chapter of Tzu Chi International Medical Association.

    Value Enhancement through Recycling Stations

    Since the establishment of recycling stations by the Tzu Chi Foundation more than 30 years ago, numerous people have their lives changed. This is especially true to the elderly, who used to feel hopeless and useless, now find the meaning of life in recycling work, thus leading a life of “great value”.

    • 1

      To enable the elderly to quit the boring life and rediscover the value of life

    • 2

      To improve physical fitness of the elderly

    • 3

      To restore the dignity and confidence of disabled persons

    • 4

      To help people get rid of bad behavior and make changes

    • 5

      To help people come out of depression

    • 6

      To help patients forget illness and pain

    • 7

      To encourage the elderly to engage with the community, to love and care for each other.