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    Our Green Architecture

    • Architecture is communicating with us in silence. It is an expression of our attitudes and intentions behind.

      Tzu Chi Environmental Action Centre’s motto is Common Understanding , Consensus and Collective Action. The Center aims to inspire people to protect the environment by making changes in our actions. The center hopes to gather everyone’s effort, work hand-in-hand to reverse global warming and climate change. Green Architecture can lessen the further damages to our planet and bring benefits to both people and the environment.

    • ‘Transforming Waste to Useful’ is our target. We whole-heartedly put our efforts into transforming this old vacant building into a new Environmental Protection promotion center.

      For a sustainable future, Green Architecture appears to be the only choice we have. With this, the Center has made the following Green actions:

    Electricity Generation Data

    • 2021-04 Electricity Generation311.3kWh

    • 2021-05 Electricity Generation1398.7kWh

    • 2021-06 Electricity Generation1667.5kWh

    • 2021-07 Electricity Generation2122.3kWh

    • 2021-08 Electricity Generation1925.5kWh

    • 2021-09 Electricity Generation1916.5kWh

    • Monthly AverageApprox. 1557kWh

    • HK$4/kWh=HK$6228/Month