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    The EAC’s Exhibitions exhibit ways of recycling disposable products and turning them into works of art that are of greater value and use. This approach can promote recycling and highlight the importance of educating the public on the environmental protection.

    About the EAC’s Exhibition

    Permanent Exhibition

    The Planet Room, Ethical Eating Room, Da Ai Technology Room, Jing Si Humanistic Culture Room.

    The Permanent Exhibition will be ongoing for three years on the 1st floor of the EAC and its co-halls. It illustrates EAC’s establishment objective and philosophy, the stories behind the EAC’s architectural design, the connection between humans and natural disasters and the different ways of co-existing with earth.

    • The Planet Room

      By exhibiting various works of art, we aim to promote environmental awareness and the EAC’s philosophy of “Common Understanding, Common Consensus, and Collective Actions” to the wider community. We begin the exhibition with “Today is the result of our past actions” and end the exhibition with “Today is the future’s history” (which means our future will be shaped by our actions today). In the Earth Exhibition Hall, it mentions the correlation and connection between humanities and natural disasters, and their coexistence with earth. It also demonstrates ways of recycling in a gracious and thankful manner..

    • Da Ai Technology Room

      The Tzu Chi Disaster Relief collection include items that highlight Tzu Chi’s commitment to environmental protection and its mission of protecting the environment by clapping hands. The collection include the eco-friendly blanket, the compact movable bed, and the black blackboard made out of fabric. Tzu Chi’s designers have devoted their time and efforts into designing these items not only to fulfill the environmental objectives, but also to deliver love and care to disaster victims and enable the children to continue with their education.

    • Ethical Eating Room

      The EAC has created a place that is relaxing and refreshing for visitors to unwind and relax away from the hectic city lives. Ethical Eating Room is a place for visitors to enjoy a healthy vegetarian meal, participate in vegetarian cooking classes and activities. By participating in these events, visitors can understand more about the reasons and benefits of being a vegetarian.

    • Jing Si Humanistic Culture Room

      Jing Si Humanistic Culture Room is an exhibition space that combines environmental protection with humanities. In addition to displaying a series of environmental protection related products, the room also provide handpicked books about environmental protection and vegetarian. Visitors can clean their minds here and enjoy.

    Jockey Club Eco Co-Creation Space

    The Theme Exhibition

    The Theme Exhibition 【Nurturing the Best, Living the Ease】

    The Chinese character " 栽 " ( "Planting" ) consists of the words meaning "I", "soil", and "wood", implying that we are intrinsically rooted in the earth. We have always coexisted and intertwined with our natural environment, aiming to live in tranquility. Nourishing the soil with the right methods has been a lifelong pursuit.
    This interactive art exhibition provides a five-sense experience that integrates art, education and application, encouraging visitors to reflect on environmental conservation. Humans rely on their senses to gather information, learn to respond, and interact with the world. This exhibition hopes to guide visitors through a three-step process of feeling, observing, and taking action.

    The Major Exhibition

    The EAC Team

    • Main OrganizerBuddist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (Hong Kong)

    • SponsorHong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

    • AdvisorsMs. Sally Aw Sian, OBE, JP, Dr. Ko Wing Man, Prof. Chen Li Yun, Ms. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze, MH, Mr. Harold Yip, Ar. Corrin Chan

    Exhibition Team

    • Tzu Chi EAC Exhibition Planning CommitteeMs. Cherina Sze, Ms. Lee Shu Lin, Ms. Chow Yuk Lin, Ms. Huang Ching Hsiu, Mr. Ng Man Lee, Mr. Leung Wing Kam, Ar. Corrin Chan
    • Exhibition AdvisorsMr. Stanley Wong, Mr. Shun Chi Ming
    • Project DirectorAr. Corrin Chan
    • Exhibition Design & CurationMr. Sunny Wong
    • Project Manager & Theme Exhibition CurationMs. Kathy Fung
    • Exhibition DesignerMs. Comet Wong
    • Promotion Video Director and CreationMr. Stanley Wong
    • Promotion Video Production84000 Communications Limited
    • ArtistsMr. Che Lam (Che Gor), Mr. Chris Cheung : Ms. Kay Wong, Mr. Kenneth Lee
    • Video ArtistMs. Jessi Law, Mr. Dexter Lee, Mr. Marcus Lee
    • Web designMr. Dicky Wong
    • PhotographyMr. Tony Yip, Mr. Tai Ngai Lung
    • Project AssistantsMs. Tara Tang, Ms. Rainbow Lo, Ms. Rapunzel Cheung
    • TranslatorsMs. Yiu Ka Tung, Ms. Nicolette Wong, Ms. Samantha Ho
    • Proof readMs. Lee Shu Lin, Ms. Lee Han Mei, Rose Hunter
    • Information researchMs. Pan Mei Lun, Ms. Lee Han Mei, Ms. Samantha Ho, Mr. Marcus Lee, Mr. Wong Yat Hei, Ms. Kong Hiu Lam
    • exhibition ContractorHattrick Creative Ltd, Mr. Man Wong, Mr. Kelvin Kong, Ms. Yvonne Leung, Mr. Ivan Tso, Ms. Yan Lee
    • Building materials donationNew World Development Ltd
    • PR and events consultantsLighthouse Consultant Limited, Ms. Laura Cozijnsen, Ms. Alice Chan, Ms. Etina Lam
    • Water Sample CollectionSo Yuen Chun Amy, Cheung Ming Fai, Li Kin Ping, Ho Chun Yau, Andy, Wong Yuen Ting, Bonnie, Tsui Chun Yeung, Jasper, Tsui Ming Ka, Jasmine, Ma Tsz Yu, Marjorie, Ng Charing, Lee Suet Yee, Shirley, Tam Ka Sin, Casin, Lo Wing Shan, Rainbow, Cheung Ling Yan, Rapunzel, Lui Ka Wai, Lui Tsoi Wa, Lee Han Mei, Liu Chi Wang, Liu Cheng Le, Guo Yun Xian, Chen Wei, Chen Yi, Au So Ching, Hung Tsz Nga ,Innez, Jinn Fong Chyn, Lam Yin Kwan, Lam Oscar Yves, Lam Ostin Hugh, Helen Chow, Moure Mistin

    Architecture Team

    • ArchitectAOS.Architecture
    • Structural EngineerNg Shui Keung
    • ContractorChun Yip Engineering Co., Lam Sze Lai, Wong Kwok Chue
    • Waterproofing ContractorEast Way Construction Decoration Waterproof Co. Ltd., Mr. Andy Leung