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    The EAC’s Exhibitions exhibit ways of recycling disposable products and turning them into works of art that are of greater value and use. This approach can promote recycling and highlight the importance of educating the public on the environmental protection.

    About the EAC’s Exhibition

    Permanent Exhibition

    The Planet Room, Ethical Eating Room, Da Ai Technology Room, Jing Si Humanistic Culture Room.

    The Permanent Exhibition will be ongoing for three years on the 1st floor of the EAC and its co-halls. It illustrates EAC’s establishment objective and philosophy, the stories behind the EAC’s architectural design, the connection between humans and natural disasters and the different ways of co-existing with earth.

    • The Planet Room

      By exhibiting various works of art, we aim to promote environmental awareness and the EAC’s philosophy of “Common Understanding, Common Consensus, and Collective Actions” to the wider community. We begin the exhibition with “Today is the result of our past actions” and end the exhibition with “Today is the future’s history” (which means our future will be shaped by our actions today). In the Earth Exhibition Hall, it mentions the correlation and connection between humanities and natural disasters, and their coexistence with earth. It also demonstrates ways of recycling in a gracious and thankful manner..

    • Da Ai Technology Room

      The Tzu Chi Disaster Relief collection include items that highlight Tzu Chi’s commitment to environmental protection and its mission of protecting the environment by clapping hands. The collection include the eco-friendly blanket, the compact movable bed, and the black blackboard made out of fabric. Tzu Chi’s designers have devoted their time and efforts into designing these items not only to fulfill the environmental objectives, but also to deliver love and care to disaster victims and enable the children to continue with their education.

    • Ethical Eating Room

      The EAC has created a place that is relaxing and refreshing for visitors to unwind and relax away from the hectic city lives. The vegetarian refreshing hall is a place for visitors to enjoy a healthy vegetarian meal, participate in vegetarian cooking classes and activities. By participating in these events, visitors can understand more about the reasons and benefits of being a vegetarian.

    • A Breeze From the Woods

      The creative woodwork artist, Mr. Lam Chi, has skillfully crafted an art installation comprising of a group of wooden sharks “swimming” in the air on display at the Jockey Club Common Space studio. There will be different artworks on display in the studio, artists’ sharing and experiential workshops. This is a place where visitors can chill out and learn more about the artist and the stories behind his artworks, understand how wood wastes from the Hong Kong urban city can be transformed and turned into a unique art piece.

    Jockey Club Eco Co-Creation Space

    The Theme Exhibition

    The Theme Exhibition

    It is situated on the 2nd Floor of the EAC’s Jockey Club Common Space. It is a space where artists use their artworks to highlight the various topics on the environment, nature, and humanities. Each season, a different group of artists and organizations will showcase their artwork there.

    The Major Exhibition

    The EAC Team

    • The OrganizerBuddist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (Hong Kong)

    • SponsorHong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

    • The EAC ConsultantsSally Aw Sian, OBE, JP; Dr. Ko Wing Man; Professor Chen Liyun; Rebecca Lee Lok Sze, MH; Harold Yip; Corrin Chan

    Exhibition Team

    • Tzu Chi EAC Exhibition Planning Committee施頌鈴, 李淑玲, 梁榮錦, 周玉蓮, 黃錦秀, 吳萬里, 陳翠兒
    • Exhibition Consultant又一山人(黃炳培), 岑智明博士
    • Project Director陳翠兒
    • Exhibition design and curatorial王文匯
    • Project Manager and Major Exhibition of “A Breeze from the Wind”馮瑞琴
    • Exhibition Designer黃慧芯
    • Promotional Video Creation and Director又一山人(黃炳培)
    • Promotional Video and Creation八萬四千溝通事務所有限公司
    • Exhibiting artists林池(池哥), 黃琪, 李民傑
    • short video footage for exhibition李彥錚, 李念聰
    • Web design黃迪麒
    • PhotographyTony Yip, 戴毅龍
    • Project Assistants鄧慧辰, 羅詠珊, 張凌甄
    • Translators葉致美, 姚嘉棟, 黃麒名, 何芯諭, Sera Hung, 劉沛瑜
    • Proof read李淑玲, 李寒梅, Rose Hunter
    • Information research逄美綸, 李寒梅, 何芯諭, 李念聰, 黃日禧, 江曉琳
    • exhibition Contractor雅卓創意有限公司, 王凱文, 梁嘉欣, 曹嘉豪, 李詠恩
    • Building materials donation新世界發展有限公司
    • PR and events consultants萊皓思顧問有限公司, 高家玉, 陳淑霞, 林綺婷
    • Water Sample Collection蘇婉真, 張銘輝, 李健平, 何俊佑, 黃琬婷, 崔溍楊, 崔鳴珈, 馬子愉, 吳雪穎, 李雪儀, 譚嘉倩, 羅詠珊, 張凌甄, 呂家威, 呂采樺, 李寒梅, 廖志宏, 廖誠樂, 郭雲仙, 陳微, 陳逸, 區素貞, 洪梓雅, 晋鳳琴, 林燕群, 林柏洋, 林柏恆, 周玉蓮, Moure Mistin

    The Construction Team

    • ArchitectAOS Architecture
    • Structural ConsultantNg Sui Keung
    • SupplierChun Yip Construction Company – Lam Si Lai ; Wong Kok To
    • Water proof constructionEast Way Water Proofing – Leung Ming Kei