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    Tzu Chi Foundation

    In 1996, Dharma Master Cheng Yen established the Tzu Chi Foundation in Hualien, Taiwan, with the guiding principles of self-discipline, diligence, frugality and perseverance. At the inception of the Foundation, Dharma Master Cheng Yen and five of her disciples each made a pair of baby shoes every day and put them in a bamboo bank to raise funds for their charity work.

    Since its founding more than five decades ago, the Foundation has expanded its network from the remote Hualien area to the five major continents of the world, with chapters and offices in over 60 countries. Tzu Chi has so far provided aid to 126 nations and regions. Transcending the bounds of race, nationality, language and region, Tzu Chi volunteers serve the world with the belief that “when others are hurting, we feel their pain.”, “when others suffer, we feel the sorrow.” Not only do the volunteers endeavor to promote the universal value of “Great Love” by engaging in worldly missions with the spirit of detachment, but they also give full play to humanistic culture.

    Tzu Chi’s four missions consist of charity, medical support, education, and humanistic culture. The Foundation also engages in international relief, bone marrow donation, community volunteerism, and environmental protection. These eight concurrent campaigns are collectively known as the “Eight Footprints”.

    • Tzu Chi promotes environmental protection in 19 countries worldwide

    • Environmental volunteers 112,016 participants

    • Recycling stations 10,544 sites

    Up to 2019

    Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong

    Established in 1993, the Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong is a non-profit organization. Since its founding close to three decades ago, the Hong Kong office has advocated the missions of the Foundation by cultivating “sincerity, integrity, faiths, and honesty” and “unconditional kindness and universal compassion” through its work. As well as paying regular visits to hospitals, homes for the partially impaired, the elderly, people in recovery of serious illness, and schools for children with intellectual disabilities, the Hong Kong office carries out other charitable initiatives including assistance to individual households, visits to the homeless, emergency aid, and free medical consultation. The Hong Kong office also seeks to propagate humanistic culture, teaching with Jing Si Aphorisms and child development/parenting courses, and it provides financial assistance for students from low income families.

    With the volatile climate condition and frequent natural disaster around the globe in recent years, environmental protection has become a more pressing cause than ever. In light of this, the Hong Kong Office has promoted the practice of “source separation” in different districts of Hong Kong, which has garnered support from the government and the public.

    Since December of 2020, Tzu Chi has operated the recycling store, namely GREEN @ QUARRY BAY, which is part of the “GREEN @COMMUNITY” program run by the Environmental Protection Department. It marks a new chapter in the Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong’s effort in environmental protection and recycling in the city.

    At the end of 2021, the Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong converted the old building which has been used as Tzu Chi’s liaison office and environmental education station in Tai Wai, into Tzu Chi Environmental Action Center, in the hope of rallying public’s support for environmental protection work.

    Total Weight of Items Recycled by Tzu Chi Hong Kong Office

    • Plastics (kilogram)160,397

    • Waste paper (kilogram)82,761

    • Metals (kilogram)1,780

    • Glass(kilogram)15,590

    • Total Weight of Items Recycled items: (kilogram)268,128

    Environmental Protection volunteers of Tzu Chi Hong Kong

    The volunteers, regardless of age and occupation, dedicate themselves to collecting
    recyclables on their own initiatives, displaying great efficiency to love the earth, everyone can participate in the recycling work.

    Number of environmental volunteers:


    Recycling stations: