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    The new exhibition 《Fabricated Forest》 has opened, welcome to visit!

    About Us


    Since 1990, at the end of one lecture, Master Cheng Yen encouraged everyone to protect the environment by their clapping hands. A gentle call, a wish to turn the mission into practice has started a cycle of positivity of 30 years.

    “To co-exist with the earth” and “human well-being depends on the well -being of the earth” are among Master Cheng Yen’s teaching that have resonated in various countries and regions around the world, where Tzu Chi volunteers take part in local recycling initiatives. As bearers of Tzu Chi ‘s pledge to environmental protection, Tzu Chi volunteers devote themselves to conserving nature, and take a hands-on approach to recycling that emphasizes the reuse of resources.

    The global warming and climate change have affected the economic development of human beings. The Sustainable Development Report of United Nations has stated that more concerns should be focused on environmental protection, in terms of the global economic development. A sustainable growth of human beings could be achieved only under the highlight of protection of the world. As such, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong committed to set up the Tsu Chi Environmental Action Centre where the local public is capable to understand the importance of environment protection, to acknowledge the crucial factors keeping sustainable growth of the earth, as well as to take into action having participated various exhibitions and events organized and provided by the Centre to the public. Learning from which, it is anticipated local public will put ones’ efforts to appreciate the earth, and to reduce global warming risks.

    It is our honor to have the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust’s sponsorship on the exhibitions displayed in this Centre, as well as other related facilities. May we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the sponsorship once again.

    Services of Environmental Action Center

    • Environmental Education

      Covering a diversity of environmental topics and joining forces with Tzu Chi manpower and community resources, we provide multiform experiential education, such as special topics and thematic exhibitions and talks, group visits and promotion booths on the street.

    • Community Services

      Volunteers lead and accompany citizens with love when practicing a life of service and protecting the environment, such as organizing source separated recycling for the elderly and students.

    • Vegetarian Food and Humanities

      Various activities are organized to promote vegetarian eating and humanities, and advocate a vegetarian, natural, simple and frugal life, such as classes in vegetarian cooking, tea ceremony and flower arrangement, as well as health talk.

    Jockey Club “ Start from the heart” Environmental Co-Action Scheme

    Contact Us


    AddressNo. 5 Che Kung Miu Road

    Opening HoursFrom Monday, Wednesday to Sunday (10:00am to 5:00PM)
    *Lunch hour: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
    (Tuesday and Public Holidays will be closed)

    Lunch hour2337 0158

    Whatsapp6367 8522


    TransportationVisitors can take the MTR to
    Tai Wai or Che Kung Miu Station Exit B, walk along the route for 5 minutes, passing through the pedestrian’s tunnel and the Centre is on the road.

    Buses: 81C、82K、85B、86A、87B、89B、170、182、249X、281M、E42

    Mini bus: 68K、803、804、812
    You may stop at the Che Kung Miu stop if you are taking the mini bus or the bus.